What people say about us?

What people say about us?

About Working With Salentro

Development is not always rainbows and flowers but these reviews are 100% REAL from verified customers from Google Plus Review

We are your true technical co-founders without the equity

We are a true development firm that works through a clear and transparent process. We help you building the investment strategy from the scratch, validate the business assumptions and execute the project with prompt agile development.

Our clients love us for your implementation of our rapid agile methodologies and they feel absolutely relieved to work with us.

How we make our clients feel delighted?

It starts with three brand promises that we make with our clients. These promises are incredible execution, fanatical customer support and market expertise. We believe in keeping our promises and delivering the work meeting the expectations of our clients.

In the market where we see 90% of the projects failing because of exceeding budget or over extended timeline, we work with operational excellence and keep our words throughout the project execution. This is how we pride ourselves in delighting our clients with the consistency and kept promises.

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