Validating Idea
With Prompt Agile Development

We transform your idea into reality
as quick as possible.

At Salentro, our focus in not just working on the random projects, we love working on dreams in our little dedicated workshop where we take care of each and every aspect of your idea in the process of turning it into the reality.

We work in order to minimize your risk and maximize your chance to attract more customers towards you so that you can grow well.

Our development process is called Prompt Agile Development.

What We Do In Rapid Concept Workshop?

  • 1. Business Replica Innovation
  • 2. Monetization Formulation
  • 3. Branding and Positioning Matrix
  • 4. Customary Dependence
  • 5. ocial Connection Approach
  • 6. User Analysis
  • 7. Platform Verdict
  • 8. Feasibility & Technical Breakdown
  • 9. Cost of Minimum Viable Product

Why The Common Approach For Requirement Gathering Doesnít Work?

Our development strategy starts with the concept analysis where we take a deep dig into all major factors related to the idea and its development. We define the flexibility, innovation, and freedom in the contractual agreement which are entirely feasible. Usually itís our misconception that we can know everything about the project upfront and we are going to have a perfect model at the end of the project after 7-8 months. Well, this is the fact that kills innovation and this is what most of the enterprises work with.

What we do is, we let your idea be flexible and change according to the changing needs of the market. Our development process can easily comply with those changes and create a masterpiece at the end.

This is in our philosophy that change is the only thing in the world thatís constant and no one can predict future. Thatís why we always make ourselves open to changes.

Why do you need our Prompt Concept
Validation Process?

When you present your idea to us, it becomes essential for us to give you the most closest idea of the development cost, time required and the efforts to be involved. Therefore planning with a Product Strategist is an important part for us in the process of idea validation. It is an amazing way of reducing your development cost to some extent by allowing you to prioritize important feature and remove undesired features. By implementing the project planning, we focus on most optimized product strategy and lay a solid foundation for your project. It also reduces the risk of your failures.

Our workshop structure focuses on prioritizing the features so that you can divide the development on stages and decide what feature should be built on what stage. This way, you can take your process ahead in highly streamlined way with lower costs and lower chances of failure. The development process is structured in a way that that allows us to capture all the requirement and work efficiently according to the feature required. At the end, you get the quality project from our side with the future support.

The reason why it is Prompt
Concept Workshop

To us, the prompt work is huge and very meaningful. We focus on getting your project in the market as soon as possible and of course with the quality meeting your expectations. Thatís why we opt a streamlined process so that the project development doesnít have to be a mess. We have known many companies who start project without analyzing it properly and that results in wasting a lot of time as they donít have the clear idea of the requirements and features priorities in the start. When it comes to the development process of Salentro, there is no fuzz, no delays, and no room for the long chats driven by the arguments with clients. We feel them and their idea and we do our best to transform their idea into reality as soon as possible.