We protect your idea

People often wonder how we protect their
idea and intellectual property.

We work with innovative startups and disruptive companies with the complete IP protection. Everything we do is secures and protected keeping all the IP theft costs in minds.

Here is what we exactly do

We do not outsource projects

There are many small companies and developers who outsource your projects to subcontractors or other third party firms they have no control over. We believe in outsourcing NO PROJECT at all. We assign projects to our skilled developers and supervise all the work being done.

Why should you care about outsourcing?

When someone outsource your project, your personal data and intellectual information. You also compromise with the code being used in the development of your project. They are sharing all this information with the firm they have no control over. So basically they are sharing your information with the developers who are not under their employment agreements.

We sign formal Non Disclosure Agreements

We are happy to sign mutual non disclosure statements no legally protect your idea. The Non-Disclosure Agreements that we sign with you are specially inclined towards protecting your ideas and interests. These agreements are vetted by some largest corporate legal departments.

Our Employees Do Not Compete With You

What’s the logic behind signing the Non-Disclosure agreement when employees know your idea and they can leave the firm anytime and start working on the idea you want to come true for yourself? Here at Salentro, we assure you the 100% protection of your idea with our employment agreements to protect your interests.

We’ve Got International Reputation
And Recognition

We are the global leaders in the market who have got international recognition. We’ve got extremely professional advisors with the help of whom we have spent years as trustworthy and reliable partners with the people having great ideas. Our living is based on entrepreneurial ideas and startups and our biggest treasure is the trust that our clients give us. We couldn’t ask for more.

We have a password protected project management system

Your ideas and your projects are always protected at our development office. We do not unnecessarily talk about your project details. We have the advanced security system and the information is shared only to those for whom it is critical for the development.

We use best in breed tools to communicate only with the people that need to know about sensitive information. No information is revealed to those who don’t need to know.