Post Launch Support

The worst thing about a regular development company is that when your project is over, you are on your own.

Basically, launching your application or a website is the start of your startup or business, and you need you technical partner always by your side.

You'll learn more about what features customers want, need to manage demand as it increases and support bugs and issues created by scale or updates to your chosen operating system.

At Salentro we have a dedicated support and maintenance team for all development clients as well as new clients looking to support their existing software developed elsewhere.

Depending on your engagement plan,
this means you have the following benefits:

The certainty to you can maintain your software to the iOS or Android current operating system version.

Support to call somebody around the clock 24/7 when you encounter issues with your app. This means you don’t have worry about waiting days to get a response to your previous developers.

Implement new features on your existing android, iPhone or web app as you get feedback from your users about how they want the product to function.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this for Salentro only clients or can anyone with an app sign up for this service?

We are currently supporting both Salentro development clients as well as clients who have developed their app elsewhere. We give preference to Salentro development projects as we have control over the code we’ve previously written. We may reject apps developed by other developers if they have a large amount of technical debt and issues with code.


Will my hours roll over?

No, unused support hours do not rollover, you need to take advantage of them in the month for which they were paid.


How will I know which is the best package for me?

This depends on your needs. If you just want somebody to look after your server and make sure you don’t have issues with Amazon Web Services or other cloud computing systems the first package is best, for those who want 24/7 support on servers, development and have tweaks to the product then the premium package will be best for you.