Our Vision

Our vision is to be the innovators of technology, where each and every person, entrepreneur and every organization is empowered to reach their full potential. We believe in a better and more sustainable world where technology go hand in hand taking them to the new extremes of success. We’re striving to create a name that can stand right next to the organizations like Apple, Microsoft, and Google so that we can pride ourselves for being the technology leaders and our clients can pride themselves for making us the technology partners of their organizations.

Since the time we started this dream, we’ve been inspired by some latest technology giants of the era. Cultivating the ideas of the visionaries and the entrepreneurs is the best thing we’ve got to do. The thing that henry Ford did to cards and Apple did with the gadgets, we’re going to do the same with the ideas and dreams. After all, it’s dreams and ideas that move human race moving on the track of success. It is ideas and dreams that takes technology one step ahead. It is ideas and dreams that change the world for good.


Striving For Greatness

We see ourselves as a global ideas company bringing the greatest ideas and innovations to to life. Not only that, we partner the great ideas with the great people to make them a big success. In the coming years, we dream to open our offices in different countries so that we can connect to more entrepreneurs, visionaries, and inventors with the incredible ideas seeking a technical partner for the idea execution. We want to see them grow and be the part of their journey to success.


Streamlined Execution

The fundamental and sole purpose of our business is to provide the economies of scale. We’ve seen many startups who never get able to get off the ground because they can’t afford the world level expertise for with they need years and millions of funding. We strive to be the supporting system for such startups so that people with vision can get wings to fly and no great idea can be kept stuck in the cages of inconvenience. We understand that there are so many people who don’t get to give their idea a shot and 80% of all business ventures fail in first five years.

There is nothing more rewarding in this entire world if someone’s idea just takes off and get the success it deserves. For that, the strong execution is a big factor that Salentro can provide.


Global Exposure

We believe that brilliant ideas do not come from one place; it needs a global exposure for a great idea to be developed. An idea is like different pieces of jigsaw puzzle that lies in the different areas of the world. We believe in collecting all those pieces and create the technology that holds the potential to change the world.

Want To Be A Part Of Salentro?

Are you interested in being part of Salentro? Check out the opportunities at Salentro’s career page. We are always in the search of top talents to work towards our mission. If you have that talent and calibre, Salentro is home for you.

In our journey, we have:

Hired over 150 staff members in our offices at India and US. Our developers are the masters of requisite professional skills and leaders of technology.

Explored new horizons in these 3 years and have scaled our operations in 20+ countries worldwide. We’re consistently progressing to become the global leaders in the field of technology.

Mastered the art of creating the most innovative apps in the world. We’ve got accuracy, innovative minds, skills, expertise and love for the technology that makes us craft the masterpieces.

We work in an innovative environment on various cutting edge projects that supports the startups to grow fast and touch the heights of success.