Our Process

Our Methodology and Process

We are a perfect development hub for people with the greatest ideas and awesome vision.

At salentro, we work on incredible ideas that deserve to come true. We focus on working with the entrepreneurs and startups that have vision and ability to give rise to the world changing ideas so that we can transform those ideas into most innovative technology of the world. When to shake hands with us, we become your technical co-founders and start working on your ideas as it was ours. We build epic products in iterative and data driven manner. We deliver fully functional projects within the deadlines and we make sure that we never cross those deadlines.

Astounding Product Strategy And Prompt Idea Validation

Founding a leading development firm means that you have to be right track from very first day of your business. When you give us your idea, we establish the feasibility and create an incredible product strategy to make sure that we’re really clear on what we are going to create. Our prompt idea validation process helps us make data driven decisions on the best feature options for your app.

UX Design

We have pixel obsessed designers who believe in designing clean, simple yet attractive designs for your applications and websites. Keeping users in mind, our design approach includes weekly usability testing and A/B Split testing. Our experienced designers and developers share the excellent coordination and compliment each other’s work perfectly.


We have a strong development team by our side with the years of experience and out-of-the-box thinking. Our team is the one that perfectly knows how to implement the Prompt Agile Development most effectively. Our developers has the flexibility to innovate while maintaining the discipline to deliver the project on time. At the same time, they maintain the transparency with the client so that client can clearly see the progress in development.

Precise Analytics

We focus on applying our data driven decisions on the development process from the start and take them to the phases like tracking retention and virality through establishing the user behavior. After all, user behavior is something that is behind the maximized revenue generation. We have the product managers having experience in A/B Split testing, lean analytics and usability testing which enables us to build a world-class product that perfectly fits for the purpose of your users.

Post Launch Companionships

We feel that our purpose does not get fulfilled with the completion of development of the project. We work with you post the launch of the product to provide you the precise insights that can help your product to improve. We help building a market for your product so that you can reach the untapped market of new customers. We help you with Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and other marketing aspects so that you can get access to wider audience.

The 4 Rules Of Prompt Agile Development

Transparency and Collaboration

We believe in providing complete transparency to our clients so that they can track the progress of the project at any stage. We have known the firms where they take too many projects and so not communicate enough to make you feel important. Well, we’re not like that. We love working with radical transparency and collaboration.

Recruit Wisely

We understand the fact that one great developer is worth millions of mediocre ones. That’s why, unlike other firms, we only hire the top talents to work on your ideas. We choose the chosen ones who meet the high standards of our development process. We love hiring people who can give us freedom to work with transparency, challenges and virtuality.

Geniuses Who Know How To Organize

We hire smart developers who are geniuses on their own. We allow them to sit together in a room where they can take decisions and organize their work without the help of non-technical project managers.

Data Over Requirements

We do not plan everything upfront. We believe to progress with the iterations and implement data driven decisions on each iteration and we rely on core analytics throughout the development journey.