Building A Dream Team For Your Startup

Consider following specific steps to build your dream team of employees :

  • Define your vision.

    Even though you may have employees working to their strengths on a range of diverse projects, it can be critical that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the ultimate outcome. Only when your staff has the big picture in mind—the vital role your company plays in your community—can you have everyone working together in sync. Inspire your staff with your big picture plan.

  • Identify the roles critical to realizing your vision.

    I'm not talking here about specific people; I'm talking about the roles in your company. Let's say you have an accounting firm. You may need project managers, number crunchers, salespeople, tech folks, administrative support … you get the idea. List the roles that need to be filled.

  • Identify the benefits that each role provides.

    Your project managers effectively manage communication between customers and the rest of the staff, and they maintain great client relationships by ensuring everything runs smoothly. Your number crunchers can reduce taxes for clients, ensure accuracy and may help avoid audits. List the benefits for each role, and you’ll begin to get an understanding of the qualities you need to look for in the folks you’ll hire to fill those roles.

    Only when your staff has the big picture in mind—the vital role your company plays in your community—can you have everyone working together in sync. Inspire your staff with your big picture plan.

    It can be far easier to train inexperienced employees with a natural affinity for the roles you are looking to fill than to force an experienced worker into a role that’s not a natural fit.

  • Seek people with super strengths in each category.

    What you're looking for as you begin to assemble your team is diversity, but it’s not just diversity in genders, races and cultures, but diversity in skillsets you need. Your primary objective should be finding the right person for each role—the superstar who possesses the specific qualities you're looking for.

  • Facilitate communication among people and roles.

    Your job as the leader of your company is to move fluidly among each component of your company and make everything work smoothly. Remember that people often communicate differently, so it's up to you to recognize and address the different languages spoken by number crunchers and salespeople, for example. Strive to ensure all members of your diverse team understand their value to the team and their critical role in the team’s success.

  • Use personality assessment tools.

    One of my favorite personality assessment tools is DiSC, which looks at people in terms of four factors: dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. Assessing your team based on DiSC can help you ensure you don't have a team full of Ds with a shortage of Cs. Taking the time to understand how differences of personality play out in the workplace can help you manage your diverse team.

  • Create a Visual.

    The final step was for our leaders to map their team on a grid or matrix. Summarizing findings in a visual manner was key to our success in this process. Our vertical axis had these values starting from the top: Exceptional, Outstanding, Meets Expectations, Below Expectations, Unsatisfactory and Too New to Rate. Our horizontal axis had these values starting from the left: Too New to Rate, Marginal, Well Placed, Promotable and High Potential.

    Having a great team may come down to having the right people in the right position. Taking the time and learning the process of building your roster properly is a skill that separates the winning from losing coaches.

Seven Amazing Steps To Hire A Dream Team For Your Startup
A walk to success begins with the right people - hiring amazing people and believing in what they'll to your startup - and these people keep you going on this path, if you’re doing it right. One of the best ways to find out if your team is really a dream team is by mapping their talents. The idea of talent mapping might be new to your team, but the talented ones will embrace the concept and take it to new heights.


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