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  • The actual cost of developing an application and launching it in market

    We introduce you with every single kind of development options available for your idea and how much you have to pay for the development. This information is must for you if you are looking to develop an application.

  • Most popular app features and how much you'll be charged for them

    There are some popular features that almost every app must have. For e.g. you might want to add the social media connectivity, rating system, reporting system etc in your application so that your app can perform even better.

  • Web App or Native App - which suits you best

    We determine whether which app will suit you best and we reveal the cost involved in both so that you can choose the best for you.

  • Things you should never say to a developer

    There are certain things that you must never say to a developer because developers are tired of hearing all those things all over again. We reveal those things to you so that you can always be on a safe side.

  • The cost of building the clones for popular apps like twitter, instagram, and facebook

    We analysed the development cost of various popular apps and the most successful startups. We reveal all that information to you and the results can shock you.

  • Choosing right operating system for your application

    While planning to develop an application, choosing right platform is the crucial thing. Based on the audience and market you are targeting, we help you selecting the best platform for your application.

  • Importance of UX Design

    We also tell you about the importance of UX Design for your application as well as the UX design that will suit you the best.

  • Importance of marketing

    Some people don't consider marketing as a part of development. Development is as important as marketing. Based on your app, we tell you why marketing matter and what marketing measures you can adopt for your application.

  • Total Costs Involved Apart from the development and marketing cost, we let you know about all other costs that are going to be involved in your startup development. These are the standard costs you need to know about.

  • Annual cost for the development

    If you are serious about your business, you may start raising funds for your application development. We also tell you about month to month as well as yearly costs that are going to be involved in development.

How much money does it take to build an application? Well, may be no one can answer this question correctly, but we have researched on some popular applications like Facebook, Instagram, Candy Crush to get the closest insights on how much would it take to develop an application?


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