How Do We DEVELOP World Class Softwares & Apps?

Wondering how Salentro works?

Here are the 6 things you should know about us


We keep your ideas 100% safe and protects your IP too. We sign non-disclosure statements before starting to work on your idea...


Initial Conversation

We provide the initial chat opportunity in which you can fill your confidential information in our project planner and we contact you...


Raising Capital

Helping our clients to raise capital for the project is one of our most significant priorities.The biggest thing that comes between...


Second Discussion

In Second discussion, we find out how compatible we are with your idea to see if we are a good fit for each other.


Complete Control

We keep your idea and its development under our control only. We do not outsource your project or share any kind of project details with the third party...


We’re Different

Unlike others, Salentro doesn’t stop being with your after the development. We work with you post-development too...

Salentro is one of the world's fastest-growing mobile and web app development firms, with offices across 3 continents. We use the Lean Startup method and incorporate innovative product hacks to build robust yet beautiful software, challenge your assumptions and help you 'growth hack' your way to traction.In short: We build great apps and help make them successful.

You can think of us as your technical co-founder and a startup accelerator rolled into one… all without taking any equity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Salentro ensures you 100% security for your idea. We take responsible and high-tech measures to protect your IP. We do not outsource your project and all the development process is carried out under extreme supervision. We always act responsibly when it comes to your idea.
It depends on your idea potential and complexity of the application and website. Keeping the crucial factors like time frame, number of pages, expertise required, team required, and other crucial factors in mind, we create the most cost efficient proposal for your project. Not only that, we help you with capital raising too.
Because we hire the top developers across the world to turn your idea into reality. We act as your technical partners without expecting any share and we protect your idea and IP by signing non-disclosure agreements. Apart from that, we offer you complete transparency so that you can keep track of our development process at any time of the development. We submit the project within the deadlines.
After the initial chat, we discuss about your idea and it’s potential. We give you the basic and rough idea of the cost involved and help you build the strategies to implement your idea. Not only that, we help you to raise capital and work with you even after the project is successfully delivered.
Not at all, we are strictly against project outsourcing. Before starting the project, we sign some non-disclosure agreements with you and we keep our promises till the end. Protecting your idea is our number 1 priority.
It all starts with initial chat and second discussion where we talk about your idea potential, its feasibility, rough cost and our compatibility with it. As long as we are totally compatible, we’re good to go.

Salnetro audacious vision is to create the most
innovative applications in the Tech-World and
acquire 100% Customer Satisfaction.

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