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In our secret labs, we carry high level research in which our research department deals with risky and large scale projects. This research goes through many phases. We feel that this research plays a crucial role in the success of a project. He have a team of world’s highly qualified developers, specialists, and analysts to create a prototype of your idea. Our Research & Development Phase takes care all the aspects from development process to capital raising and marketing.

We believe in regular experimenting so that we know we are always on the right track for developing a successful project.

We're the ones you turn to when everyone
else goes “Huh?!?

Most of the ideas that come from entrepreneurs and startups arise from already existing technology which they assume using in totally imaginary manner. They create the ideas that seek the use of new technologies in imaginative way. We helps these folks to meet their dreams and bring a whole new innovation in technology and business.
Innovation in technology means technology. We make use of technology in a way that no one has ever done before. Bringing the best out of the technology and efforts that we put into action while the development of the project. Our team is not just the team of improvising developers but they are also creative thinkers who implement out-of-the-box ideas in the development process.
Technical innovation plays equally important in the development process. Sometimes we introduce the brand new technology in the market and start capitalizing on it rather that focusing on letting people understand and realize the need of the technology. In this case the competitors can take advantage and gain attention of users with your idea. That’s why innovation must come with proper clarity and exposure.
Sometimes the clients come with the idea that is a wide concept in itself. These ideas require completely different technology or high level modification to the existing technology. We help you achieving your targets with our Prompt Agile Development to turn your idea into reality no matter how complex your idea is and how advanced technology it needs for development.

How Our Labs Work?

When it comes to innovation, our main areas of work are Business Innovation,
Technical Innovation, Green Field and Experimentation.

In our process of innovation, first of all the entrepreneurs come to the Salentro with their idea. We consider that idea and check if it’s feasible or not. The feasibility is the definition of Business Innovation for us. The idea can lead to biggest innovation in the technology only if it’s feasible. Then we make a reasonable time and cost estimation of the project.

We have also added Yes and No components to our innovation strategy if the project accomplishment requires unapproved or untested technology. We try our best to transform your ideas into reality.

Why Salentro Lab

Role of NO in Salentro’s Projects

The reason why NO is considered as the crucial part of our development process is because it is almost impossible to find out the cost and time of the project in the initial phase. The cost and time can vary according to the changing needs of the project. Technical complexities also lead to change in time and cost. Therefore it becomes impossible to estimate the time and effort involved for unproven and technically complex ideas. The cost and efforts dramatically changes with the complexity of ideas and technology.

Developing a Project in Salentro’s Lab

In our labs, each idea is tackled separately and ideally. We believe that if there are any dependencies within the ideas, they should be removed. And we focus on one project at a time.


What is the motive of the project and what are the outcomes expected by a client?


What technique will be used to handle the project?

Time and Cost

What is the rough idea of time and cost involved in the development of the project?


Weekly progress reports during the project development and final report within one week of project completion.

How our labs work?

In our labs, each idea is tackled separately and ideally. We believe that if there are any dependencies within the ideas, they should be removed. And we focus on one project at a time.


All the projects handled by salentro are time-boxed and cost-boxed. Both of the parties agree with cost and time estimation provided to the clients. One fact that must always be kept in mind is that the actual cost, time and efforts involved in the project can’t be determined in the start of the project. Therefore the costs and time-frames can be changed according to the efforts and technology involved.

We also provide you all the summary and documentation of the project in starting as well as completion of the project.

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