Prompt Agile Development Methodology of Salentro

  • Have the full control.
  • Decide the budget.
  • Decide the time frame.

Our Prompt Agile Development Methodology is perfect development model with which we have successfully completed numerous projects within the time frame decides by our clients.

Transparency and Honest Communications

Our main objective is to provide total clarity and transparency to our clients about the tools and processes we are deploying in the development process. We also give clients the privilege to keep track of the development process to make sure that they are completely aware of what we are building.

Excellent Project Delivery Rather Than Big Documentations

Salentro doesn’t believe in writing the big documentations about the project and unnecessarily wasting time on it. Rather we focus on dedicating our precious time into the meaningful development and keep it growing in every situation.

It is More Into Real Collaboration Over Contract Negotiation

We never make our clients feel trapped and stuck in the terms written in contract. We collaborate with them with full honesty and dedication. With our development strategy, we help them by working on something great rather than using contract as a weapon to delay the project and not working on it.

We Accept Change Requests

We understand the fact that the needs of the people change with the time and so does the needs of an enterprise. Therefore we always embrace the changes rather than criticizing them. Whenever you feel like changing your project requirements, talk to us and we will change our development strategy according to that.

What does Rapid Agile Mean to you?

Most of the ideas that come from entrepreneurs and startups arise from already existing technology which they assume using in totally imaginary manner. They create the ideas that seek the use of new technologies in imaginative way. We helps these folks to meet their dreams and bring a whole new innovation in technology and business.
Innovation in technology means technology. We make use of technology in a way that no one has ever done before. Bringing the best out of the technology and efforts that we put into action while the development of the project. Our team is not just the team of improvising developers but they are also creative thinkers who implement out-of-the-box ideas in the development process.
Technical innovation plays equally important in the development process. Sometimes we introduce the brand new technology in the market and start capitalizing on it rather that focusing on letting people understand and realize the need of the technology. In this case the competitors can take advantage and gain attention of users with your idea. That’s why innovation must come with proper clarity and exposure.
Sometimes the clients come with the idea that is a wide concept in itself. These ideas require completely different technology or high level modification to the existing technology. We help you achieving your targets with our Prompt Agile Development to turn your idea into reality no matter how complex your idea is and how advanced technology it needs for development.

How does Prompt Agile Development Works?

Prompt Agile Development is a group of methodologies that we deploy in order to finish a project successfully. It is an iterative process that always has a scope for improvisation at every stage of the development process. Combines with extreme programming, it is a process based on creativity.

Our Growth Hacks

  • Analyze Virality Tools
  • Create Addictive Technology
  • Engage Committed Audience

Our Promises

  • Promising Budget
  • Quality Product
  • On-time Delivery

Our Qualities

  • No Outsourcing
  • Post Launch Support
  • 100% Transparency


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