Spend Your Life Building Game Changer Products

At Salentro, we’re always looking for a special kind of person to join our team.
We call ourselves Salentrofarians. A quirky title, but it means alot to us.

Because, we’re the execution partner for some of the world’s most savvy startup entrepreneurs and fast-growth companies -we need to demand the best from our people.

Many members of our development team are independently benchmarked amongst the top 1-5% in their respective technologies. Our product managers have been responsible for millions of dollars in revenue and rolled out international 12 month complex & high risk projects successfully.

Our team believe in our vision to create an unprecedented development hub for the greatest ideas and innovations in the world and our 60+ hour work weeks show that devotion.

We Have a Big Vision

We have a big vision and if you’re after a cushy corporate job then Salentro isn’t for you.

  • We don’t have flexible working hours.
  • We don’t tell you you’re doing great work when you’re not.
  • A Fresh graduate employees starting with 0 experience impressed the team so much that he was selected to work with our ’20+ year experienced’ CTO and help rollout a multi-million dollar international development centre.
  • A super-talented QA intern who found bugs a 15 year project management and Quality Analyst veteran couldn’t replicate within 12 months was promoted to a product manager role and has been successfully managing 6 figure projects.
  • A General Manager of a $10 million dollar business took a graduate entry role at $44,000 a year to ‘prove’ his value to the company. Within 12 month he was promoted to a senior operational role and has had huge impact on company productivity.
Most of the ideas that come from entrepreneurs and startups arise from already existing technology which they assume using in totally imaginary manner. They create the ideas that seek the use of new technologies in imaginative way. We helps these folks to meet their dreams and bring a whole new innovation in technology and business.
Innovation in technology means technology. We make use of technology in a way that no one has ever done before. Bringing the best out of the technology and efforts that we put into action while the development of the project. Our team is not just the team of improvising developers but they are also creative thinkers who implement out-of-the-box ideas in the development process.
Technical innovation plays equally important in the development process. Sometimes we introduce the brand new technology in the market and start capitalizing on it rather that focusing on letting people understand and realize the need of the technology. In this case the competitors can take advantage and gain attention of users with your idea. That’s why innovation must come with proper clarity and exposure.
Sometimes the clients come with the idea that is a wide concept in itself. These ideas require completely different technology or high level modification to the existing technology. We help you achieving your targets with our Prompt Agile Development to turn your idea into reality no matter how complex your idea is and how advanced technology it needs for development.

Customer Relationship

Keep your customers engaged at all times with our superbly crafted CRM modules. We help you establish strong bonds of trust.

Human Resource

Manage and monitor your resources and make sure that they can reach out to you whenever they want.

Customization as per your
business need

Scalable enterprise solutions delivered to enhance applicability and ease of customization.

Integration capabilities

Easily integrate newfound technologies and methodologies to your enterprise model with our modules

Current Positions

Senior php Developer

Salentro Technologies is the fastest growing web and application development firm. With offices in India and US, we focus on bringing ideas to life. With our vision, we create most innovative technology that puts you to the leading edge.


  • At least 2 - 4 years experience with JS (AngularJS) and NodeJS + Drupal & PHP , MongoDB + MySQL
  • Hands-on experience with at least one MVC & MVW framework
  • Experience in single web front-end using HTML(5), CSS(3) and JavaScript (AngularJS), node.js (Express), Websockets
  • Be proficient with advanced JavaScript concepts; AngularJS directives, services, promises and JavaScript design patterns, callbacks, classes
  • Experience with REST/JSON APIs


Good communication skills in English, both written and Oral Strong Knowledge of any other language like Java, Python, Perl, Ruby as well Good Analytical Skills Responsive Web Design