Capital Raising

What is Capital Raising?

The biggest thing that comes between entrepreneur’s great app idea and making it a reality is the capital required to turn this dream into reality. Honestly, raising capital for the new application or a website is a huge challenge, especially for an entrepreneur.
To help the startups with raising capital for their new project, we’ve created an intensive workshop that we call “Startup Ready Bootcamp”
This workshop aims at introducing you with three crucial domains that you need to master in order to raise capital for your project.

1. Seed Funding

Seed funding is kind of early funding that basically comes from family, friends, and early investors. It is a kind of securities offerings in which the one who is investing take equity stake in company for exchange. Salentro Technologies helps you with strategizing seed funding in an effective way. We make you familiar with the business tools and plans that help you with raising the required capital.

2. Scaling And Hacking The Growth

It’s important to get users after the launch of the product After the launch of the product, the investors start looking for the ways to gain the popularity among their audience.

The investors always look for growth tools that are well-tested and known for showing results. We are experienced in all those growth tools and ready to grow with you.

  • We strategize on building the products that can get users addicted to your products and use it on regular basis.
  • We work along with all the factors by which the fastest growing startups and giant enterprises are growing rapidly.
  • We pay focused attention on how to make something viral and famous.

With all these factors, we create the products that have the potential to grow and get viral so that more users can be attracted to your business and you can generate more revenue.

What does Rapid Agile Mean to you?

Most of the ideas that come from entrepreneurs and startups arise from already existing technology which they assume using in totally imaginary manner. They create the ideas that seek the use of new technologies in imaginative way. We helps these folks to meet their dreams and bring a whole new innovation in technology and business.
Innovation in technology means technology. We make use of technology in a way that no one has ever done before. Bringing the best out of the technology and efforts that we put into action while the development of the project. Our team is not just the team of improvising developers but they are also creative thinkers who implement out-of-the-box ideas in the development process.
Technical innovation plays equally important in the development process. Sometimes we introduce the brand new technology in the market and start capitalizing on it rather that focusing on letting people understand and realize the need of the technology. In this case the competitors can take advantage and gain attention of users with your idea. That’s why innovation must come with proper clarity and exposure.
Sometimes the clients come with the idea that is a wide concept in itself. These ideas require completely different technology or high level modification to the existing technology. We help you achieving your targets with our Prompt Agile Development to turn your idea into reality no matter how complex your idea is and how advanced technology it needs for development.