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We Love Working to Construct an Extraordinary Development Core for Some of The Greatest Ideas and Innovations in the World

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Salentro Technologies Inc is a full scale development firm having offices in US and India. Our proficient team has experience in Web Designing, Web Development, iOS Development, android development, server side technologies and Online Marketing. We love working with truly disruptive startups as their technology co-founders. We do not help only with the development, we mentor our clients on raising capital, technical assumptions, validating business and build the market post the launch of the product. We love assisting you in making game changer strategy and technology innovations.

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We think that ideas are very important to keep the human race on the track of progress. Ideas lead to advancement in technology and ideas are the base of biggest innovations in the world. Our sole motto is to work on those ideas to make dreams come true. What Apple did to mobile phones and what Facebook did to social media, we want to do the same for the applications and websites. We believe in cultivating the ideas of visionaries and innovators with the help of which we can create the next 100 years of technology breakthroughs.


We Want Salentro And innovation To Be Same

As we grow further in this field of technology, we want Salentro and Innovation to be the same. We want to be known of our disruption and innovation. In next few years, we are thinking of expanding our horizons to numerous countries so that we can explore the best ideas and best developers from all around the world. This is how we are looking forward to attract potential ideas and talents from all around the world so that we can grow to be what we strive to be.

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