Game Development

Why develop for Android?

Android is a huge platform with around one billion users worldwide and over 1 million activations in a day. While iOS applications are efficient in revenue generation, android gives you access to wider audience and its average revenue rates are also increasing rapidly. Apart from the size of the market, playstore gives you incredibly easy ways to publish your application. Playstoreís search ability is also very robust and it gives you easy and efficient results for your search query. Thatís why you have more chances of getting found on playstore rather than appstore.

Native or Cross-platform Development?

We believe that design is not about how it looks. Itís about how it works. Thatís what we keep in mind while we design the apps.

We believe in design that is innovative, centered around user experience and product functionality, with aesthetics in mind. Our goal is to build products that are successful, engaging and with a strong presence in the userís life. Therefore we place a significant emphasis on getting it right.

Why develop an app for iPhone or iPad?

You might wonder that why you need an iPhone or iPad app when a single android app can help you reach the wider audience. We understand that android app gives you exposure to more potential audience but an iOS or iPad app offers more revenue and user loyalty. According to the latest surveys or reports, Appstore offers 5 times more revenue than you get from the android apps. Not only that, iOS app has much more user retention rates. iOS has relatively high market share in North America, Europe, and Australia. If your app targets the western market and expect high revenues in the start, then there is no better option than iOS application.

Highly Engaging Game Design

At Salentro, we create highly engaging game designs that engage and retain millions of users.

  • Wonderfully talented art designer focused on creating background and character art
  • A level designer who works on scripting events and building environments in order to create levels that make the game look realistic and engaging
  • And a game designer working on overall look, feel and the layout of the game.
  • This way we ensure that each aspect of your game is taken seriously and handled with appropriate expertise.

Quality Assurance and Testing

The quality of your app is something that youíll have to deal with years from now. These days, it has become quite common to see startups losing their users because they couldnít provide the desired quality to their users. The customers find security issues and security problems that were not addressed earlier in the stage.

We believe that ensuring quality of application is as important as developing it. High quality work saves you money in the future and comes with long term benefits. Therefore we conduct proper quality assurance and functionality tests on the our apps so that they can engage users and never let them face quality and security problems.

The staff that have been assigned to our project have been highly skilled, intelligent, hard-working, innovative and completely reliable. They are key members of our team and we are in constant daily communication with them.

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